Citizen Charter

Name of service Essential documents required for application/check list Formats/ forms (if any) Fee & other charges(if any)
Approval of Map

i. Check listii. 4 copies of blue print of mapiii. Jamabandi & Tatima Latest.iv. Structure Stability Certificatev. NOC of co-sharer

vi. NOC from HPPWD Deptt.

vii. NOC from Forest Deptt.if need

viii. NOC from fire Deptt., if need

ix. Demarcation report.if need

x. Photograph of plot

xi. Affidavit of applicant

xii. Sub-Division of plot

xiii. Structure design

xiv. Affidavit of common wall

xv. Approved copy of Sub-Division of plot

xvi. NOC from HPSEB deptt., if need

xvii. Clearance of Land use if need as per T.C.P Development plan.

xviii. Soil bearing capacity certificate if need.

xix. Signature of owner,Architect & Structure Engineer in blue print of map.

Check list framed Annexure-I Rs:10/-
Compound case as per M.C.Act 1994 below 10% i. Applicationii. Revised mapiii. Jamabandi & Tatimaiv. Old approval map. Check list framed Annexure-II. Rs:10/-
Tax Assessment

i. Applicationii. Photocopy of approved mapiii. Structure Stability certificateiv. Jamabandi & Tatima.if need.v. Affidavit,if need

vi. Sale deed

Check list framedAnnexure-III. Rs:10/-
NOC of electricity connection / water supply

i. Applicationii. Structure Stability Certificateiii. Copy of approved mapiv. Jamabandi & Tatimav. Affidavit.if need

vi. TCP deptt.NOC.if need

vii. Patwari report.if need

Check list framed Annexure-IV. Rs:10/-
Sewerage NOC i. Applicationii. Tax assessment recordiii. Jamabandi, if neediv. Sale deed, if need Check list Framed Annexure-V. Rs:10/-
Birth & Death Certificate i. Applicationii. Affidavit of child name.iii. Councillor report.if need. Check list framed Annexure-VI. Rs:10/-
Marriage Certificate

i. Applicationii. Affidavit Male & Femaleiii. Age proof certificateiv. Marriage invitation cardv. Marriage photograph

vi. Passport size photo male & female

vii. Councillor Report.

viii. Report of temple pujari

Check list framed Annexure-VII. Rs:10/-
Ration Card

i. Applicationii. Councillor Reportiii. Previous recordiv. Surrender certificatev. Addition/Deletion report

vi. Affidavit

vii. Depot holder report

viii. Birth certificate / Death certificate

Check list

Framed Annexure-VIII.

Completition certificate i. Applicationii. No dues against buildingiii. Approved map, if need. Check list framed Annexure-IX. Rs:10/-
Issue of BPL certificate i. Applicationii. Name entered in BPL Listiii. Affidavitiv. Family name listv. Photograph of head of the household Check list framed Annexure-X. Free of Cost